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The RockGARD is a patented trailer rock guard to greatly reduce damage caused by rocks and road debris as well as road tar. It is easy to install, and when it’s time to launch your boat it is simple and safe to remove.

The RockGARD was designed to produce a hull protection device that offered:

  • maximum protection of the hull

  • no contact with the boat

  • ease of use (install & remove)

  • a stylish look

  • lightweight yet extremely durable construction

There are many sizes and configurations available, so the RockGARD will work for almost any boat and trailer.

The original RockGARD was designed and tested over two years, and has now been manufactured for over 18 years. The RockGARD was designed and continues to be manufactured in Canada.

The patented hull protection design was the result of the evaluation of many different materials and testing of several prototypes. The current RockGARD™ design was subjected to extensive engineering testing to ensure it exceeded safety specifications under normal use conditions.

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