Hornady Hornady HK66 Lock-N-Load Headspace Kit W/Body

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Lock-N-Load® Headspace Comparator

The Lock-N-Load® Headspace Comparator extends brass life, improves accuracy, and enhances safety. The gauge measures variations in brass before and after firing or re-sizing. It allows for headspace comparison between fire-formed brass and re-sized brass.

The five bushings that come with the Lock-N-Load® Headspace Comparator provide the ability to check most bottleneck cases, from .17 Rem through belted magnums. Ackley Improved chambers use the same bushing size as the parent case. See chart provided or consult product instructions for cartridge/bushing size details.

Body with 5 Bushing Set Item #HK66

5 Bushings Only Item #HK55

  Determining the proper bushing diameter: If you add the neck diameter and the shoulder diameter and divide that number by two, use the bushing closest to that number.
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