Thunder Shot THUNDERSHOT® Centerfire Single Pack

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THUNDERSHOT® Centerfire is the binary target perfected. Specially engineered by explosives experts to deliver the heaviest concussion and loudest report, it has been independently verified as the world’s most powerful exploding target even capable of blowing holes through steel plate. Take your shooting experience to the next level and feel what you’ve been missing.




Feel the Difference

The primary feature of THUNDERSHOT®, and what has made it the number-one selling exploding target in Canada. Our specially engineered formula is up to four times more powerful than competing products, producing greater felt concussion and sound for the shooter.



Stand Out in the Crowd

Only THUNDERSHOT® targets come with multiple high visibility colours to contrast your backdrop. The colour can be changed simply by rotating the target a quarter-turn, accommodating target differentiation drills and multiple shooters. Our laminated label is UV and weather resistant for unmatched versatility in all conditions.



Keeps the Mess off Your Firearm

Spend less time preparing and more time shooting! Each THUNDERSHOT® target includes its own bag of sensitizer and is designed to mix quickly and efficiently in its own container, reducing waste and setup time.



Never Miss a Shot

THUNDERSHOT® targets are reliable. With their square bottles, every bullet connects with three inches of explosive, unlike round containers that lose explosive depth and reliability the closer to the edge the bullet strikes.

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