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Golden Guns Wildlife Monitoring (GGWM) is a company dedicated to wildlife stewardship using hazard assessment and diversionary techniques to prevent attack by predatory wildlife.  WorkSafeBC and WCB Alberta has mandated that workers in remote areas have training in regard to wildlife attacks and safety procedures and options to ensure their safety on site. GGWM provides trained and experienced Wildlife Control Monitors to help provide a safe working environment for the oil and gas pipeline works while on the pipeline, remote sites and or in camp.

Balancing operational needs with environmental concerns can be difficult at times. The environmental lobby is against pipelines, one of their arguments is that the wildlife in the area is harmed. GGWM program of non-lethal and relocation programs can balance concerns while keeping the operation running smoothly.

GGWM promotes safety for pipeline workers by first and foremost keeping them aware of the dangers of predatory wildlife before they go into the field.  GGWM strives to balance worker safety and conservation of wildlife by taking an active approach to managing threats.  Our goal is to deter bears, cougars, and other predators from attacking workers by using nonlethal methods.  Wildlife control is a sophisticated public relations effort for companies.  The stakes are too high from a safety point of view, but also the public perception must be considered overturning a safety initiative into a trophy hunt.  Environmentalists will no longer tolerate the unnecessary killing of wildlife in their natural habitat, especially when they see the pipeline activity as the cause of it.  GGWM employs competent, safety conscious staff as Wildlife Control Monitors.  These employees must demonstrate a commitment to safety, willingness to participate in continuous training and awareness of environmental issues.

Our Wildlife Monitors are readily identifiable to members of your staff. We take a proactive approach to worker safety from wildlife predators through efforts to minimize human / wildlife contact.

GGWM can custom design a program to keep your workers safe and in compliance with WorkSafeBC and WCB Alberta.  Pipeline operations are under intense scrutiny by first nations, environmental lobbyists, and the public at large.  Wildlife habitat has become a focal point of detractors.  We will ensure that company operations can proceed without sacrificing worker safety while respecting wildlife stewardship values. If you and any of your team have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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